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how to manage your app and membership payments + app troubleshooting

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The Perfect Growth APP

With a Mantle. Spaces App and August Home App, you can get the most of your Mantle. Membership, no matter your membership level. Click on the links on the right to download our apps for your phone. Get the Mantle. City Club ‘wallet’ app to start saving 10% all around town as a Mantle. Member. Scroll down to see common troubleshooting issues with our apps. Don’t worry, its not your fault! If you can’t find your problem, or our instructions are poorly put together, please feel free to email us too at


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//. City Club ‘wallet’ App

//. Spaces Android App

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August | Door Key App

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welcome to mantle.

add or change your auto-pay method

We don’t want to pester you.

If you haven’t downloaded the Mantle. City Club App yet, scroll back up and download the app. When you scroll back down, follow the screens below.

If you do words: Choose Mantle. App from Homescreen > Wait for Launch! > Choose Settings Tab Icon > Choose Payment Methods > Choose Add Payment Method > Enable Pay invoices automatically


your august key app is not working

It may be a really easy fix

If you haven’t downloaded the August Home Key App yet, scroll back up and download the app. When you scroll back down, follow the screens below. If you have not received an invite to the app yet, please email or your local concierge. You will receive an invite via text. Follow the link in the text to download the August app. Follow on-screen instructions for creating a key account with your City Space.


how to use your city club app

your guide to your city and daily discounts

Mantle. is curating a better social network, city by city. Join Mantle. City Club and find the best of your city: people, eats, drinks, shops, workouts, and spaces. Mantle. went out into your city and made the best locally owned and operated businesses part of your club. Get 10% off at City Club Partners - every day. Mantle. City Club Memberships are invite only and are included with Mantle. Spaces memberships!


your city in your pocket

We are your City

You live your life at home, but the world is your playground. Mantle. connects you with the best tools and companies to help you build your business or your social network. So, whether you are trying to build a new company or just look good or jam out to the best bands, Mantle. is working for its members to provide y’all with global partnerships worthy of your passion.

At Mantle. we are building a more human internet where we are asking the question: what if the digital tools were just that - tools. What if they helped you connect, not be the final connection.

Sure, you won’t have thousands of people in your friends tab, but you will have real connections. You had beers together. Your real connections make new real connections that help you grow in real life.

Analog is back with a digital assist. Join us at Mantle. and reach out to make a new, old school connection.



The Mantle. spaces App

Book Rooms + Spaces

No need to call, email, stop in. The room you want, when you want it.

Follow up + Chat

Don’t let a meaningful connection end when you walk away from the coffee machine. Your network is only one chat away.

City Events + Notifications

Follow the community board to catch the next big act, learn from the best, or just catch a lunch discount.