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Mantle. is a city club and toolbox for entrepreneurs and city dwellers.

Whatever you need to advance your passion project - your pearl, as we call it around here - come start at the City Club and contribute to a culture that is worthy of both discussion and action.

Sometimes all your tools can't be found within the four walls of our City Clubs. So, Mantle. went out into your city and made the best restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques part of your club and put them into your wallet.

Other tools include a skills and work directory for growing a pearl on Mantle. Connect. Mantle. Groups is a great place to meet others into what you are into in your city.





Setting a Standard.

Christopher Lomax

Best of the South!

We were surprised and honored to be featured in StyleBlueprint as one of the top Coworking Spaces in the South! Go to find out, StyleBlueprint is the "New Southern Living" according to my hip sister-n-law!

What's so great about this article? It's confirmation that work doesn't have to be mundane and lonely! Work is more than a cubicle and a computer. We strive at Mantle. to give that to you, our members.

At Mantle., we are a community first and an office space second - come for the networking, the drinks, the sweat and tears - during workouts and movies, come to grow your own pearl. Stay because its an awesome place to "office".

At the end of last year, we asked y'all to let us know how we can uphold a new "Standard" around Mantle. We wanted to know what we could do better to ensure Mantle. ended up in publications like StyleBlueprint. We also wanted to set the bar for all members since we are a community and we are all in this together.

As a result of that survey, plus conversations with our team and various members, we are excited to publish the New Standards for working at and using Mantle.

The Mantle. Standards can always be found online at

With no further ado:

Standards are not rules, but they are aspirations we should hope to live up to as members of Mantle. Failure to consistently live up to these standards can be a reason for Mantle. to ask you to leave.

Let us know what you think at

Standard No. One. Members leave things as they arrived at them, if not better.

Standard No. Two. Conference rooms are for meetings, not for having a free office. Reserved rooms must be booked through the app. Members will abide by the five minute drop in window in meeting and lounge spaces. Members will be aware of bookings when dropping in and immediately give way to another member that has booked any given space or table through the app.

Good Rule of Thumb: Check the meeting space on your app before you step into a room for your 5 minute drop in.

Standard No. Three. We will do your dishes, but we shouldn’t have to. Feel free to rinse your dishes and put them in the dirty dishwasher. If one is not available, please feel free to at least rinse your dishes before leaving them in the sink. Please don’t leave food in the sink.

Standard No. Four. Speaking of food, the refrigerator is for parking your food during the day. Do not leave food in the fridge overnight. Food left in the fridge may get tossed. Don’t leave condiments here, grab packets and not the wholesale ketchup tub.

Standard No. Five. Please push in your chair. Please put the furniture you moved back from whence you moved it.

Standard No. Six. Your space is your space. Decorate it how you like. Let’s all try to stay somewhat neat!

Standard No. Seven. Mantle. is a twenty-one and up work club. We have open beer taps for the convenience of our members. Do not bring your children to Mantle. We know there are emergencies. If you must bring anyone under 18 to Mantle., please reserve a lounge room or meeting room through the app and work out of that space for the entirety of the time your child is at Mantle. If you are working with a 18-21 year old, it is your responsibility to monitor that person and ensure they do not have alcohol while at Mantle. 

Side note: Speaking of alcohol responsibility. You are responsible for any guest, no matter their age, if they drink any alcohol while at Mantle.

Standard No. Eight. Guys, lift the toilet seat before you go number one. Please put it back down when you are done.

Thanks! The Girls.

Standard No. Nine. You may close the doors to common spaces. However, if what you are doing makes it seem like other’s should not enter, you should leave a note that they can indeed come in.

Important aside: If you don’t want others coming into a common space while you are in it, you should have it rented through the app.

Standard No. Ten. If you feel like you are getting too good of a deal, you probably are. Reserve your rooms when you use them. When you squat in a conference room or host an event without renting the space, you are not only cheating Mantle., you are cheating your fellow members who are also paying for access to that space.

As always, Thanks and Grow a Pearl.

A New Year - A New Way to Grow

Christopher Lomax


Resolved to be Great.


Don't let your resolutions flame out with the New Year's Fireworks.

If you still haven't figured us out, Mantle. is not just an office anymore. Mantle. is the framework in which you can build something new or put a shine on the project or things you were already building! Mantle. is the place you can grow a pearl and fulfill those resolutions.

According to Twitter, these were some of the most popular resolutions in 2017 and highly likely to be on your list this year too:

1. Diet, exercise and weight loss - Of course this was number one... regardless, join motivated friends at Mantle. Workout. to help you keep your resolution to stay fit. Sometimes that means rooftop yoga, others it means ending your run at your favorite watering hole!

See the Mantle. Workout schedule.

2. Read more - Check out Mantle. Bookshelf, a place to find your next inspiring read.

3. Learn something new - Maybe you should start hanging out with our friends JAWAD or JXN Tech Entrepreneurs at Mantle. City Club or the new "EQ", a quarterly meetup with our Entrepreneur Partner, Sal & Mookies.

More info Coming Soon!

4. Save money - Have you heard of our new Sandbox Cards? Exclusively for Mantle. members, Sandbox Cards are pre-negotiated deals with local restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques. In general, get 10% off your ticket, your new stuff, or your new beach bod!

Get a Sandbox Card.

5. Be nicer, kinder and more patient - We can't help you with this, but maybe you should be less of a jerk? Have you tried Meditation?

We like Headspace.

6. Get a new job - Better yet, start your own company! If you are starting a new company, why not do it for $50/month with a Mantle. City Club membership. It's more than a place to launch, it's a place to find the people to encourage and support you. It's a place to grow your pearl!

Even better than that, check out our new member holiday deal - get 3 trial months for only $75 (Trial price available through January 15).

7. Volunteer and donate more to charity - When the meditation starts to work and you become less of a jerk, connect with us and we can help you find a meaningful way to put your specific talents to work!

8. Drink less alcohol - This is something that we just can't get behind fully... and if you can't either make sure you check out our events page for networking and just letting go of some steam.

9. Get more sleep and relax more - This is something we can get behind! Try out just putting on a record in the City Club and relaxing with a nice bourbon from Fondren Cellars... told you the drinking thing was going to be tough!

10. Make new friends and be a better friend: Mantle. City Club is invite only. Each member is permitted to nominate two other members. Make sure you get your nominations in at

Go Forth + Grow a Pearl.

Mantle. Remixed

Christopher Lomax

Mantle. Launches New City Club

Mantle. is now Mantle. City Club + Inc.ubator and you are cordially invited alongside a curated number of other invitees to be a Charter Members at our new city club.

We are rewriting the rules at Mantle. and would love for you to come join the new conversation about Jackson, business, and culture.

After some conversation with members and non-members, we have retooled our awesome space at Duling School to be a City Club first, and then an office space - not the other way around. We want to hold true to our vision of being a meeting place and ground zero for the future of Jackson’s economy, business and social structure, and we did not think doing so viewed solely as an office space accomplished that goal. 

Too many people are missing out on Mantle. because they continue to think of us just as office space. We have offices! But, really, we have been and are so much more. We are a social club for interaction and inspiration. We are bright minds and big ideas. We are a release and a sanctuary. We are food, coffee, drinks and great conversation. 

We are a culture worthy of discussion, but also of action. Our goal is to be a diverse marketplace of ideas, with diversity in industry, gender, and politics; but also just a great place to meet for business, a call, or pleasure.

Also, you may add a friend or two to our invite-only city club once you join up.

The new and remixed Mantle. City Club offers members 3,000 square feet of the most beautiful and comfortable lounge space in Jackson. Located at Duling School, Mantle. City Club Members will have access to our original Living Room + (brand new) Study. Of course free coffee, pops, fruit, and fruit water are still part of the deal. Additional great deals on craft beer (dirt cheap!), conference space, and first-class partnerships with Fondren Cellars for stocking your locker and Babalu for ordering a special Mantle. menu upstairs make this a membership that pays for itself.

City Club "Charter" Membership is $50 a month with no contract. Once the first one hundred memberships are gone, prices will double to $100 a month. Each membership is for one person. You may share a membership with your spouse or life-partner for $75 a month.  A Charter Member will remain forever at their $50/$75 a month price so long as they remain an uninterrupted Mantle. City Club member.

Want to learn more? Read the rules.