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Member Spotlight: MVMT Capital

Christopher Lomax

Architect of a Movement

Adam Collins is the founder of MVMT Capital, an investment firm with a fresh take on a boring industry. You could characterize Adam Collins as a “hometown boy.” Born and raised in Jackson, he attended Jackson Academy, and then graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in finance. Between his sophomore and junior years, he took a pivotal internship at a local hedge fund that equipped him with technical skills and the clarity to pursue a career in the financial industry. 

"Instead of spending my senior year filling out a ton of job applications, I decided to start MVMT Capital." “MVMT is an acronym that represents the core traits of my business", says Collins.


The first “M” stands for movement, referring to portfolio movement between different assets. Most advisors use portfolios that have pre-set fixed exposure levels to stocks, bonds, and alternative assets. Instead, the MVMT framework systematically adapts to the economic environment as it changes. The four different environments can be seen below.


“V” is for volatility, in that portfolio volatility is customized for each client. Rather than the typical cookie-cutter aggressive or conservative strategies most advisors provide, each MVMT client has a portfolio specific to their unique financial situation.

The second “M” stands for management based on data, not emotions. The MVMT approach is completely quantitative so that it avoids the behavioral pitfalls that so many subjective advisors fall victim to.

The final letter, “T,” represents transparency. The company goes far beyond the typical quarterly statements and annual visits. The construction of the MVMT strategy is made completely clear to each client.  Clients can also login to the MVMT portal to view current holdings at any time, from any device.  

Adam found Mantle just in time for it’s opening in April. Previously, he was working out of office space at the Renaissance at Colony Park.  "I chose to move to Mantle because of its simple pricing structure, beautiful views, business-perfect conference rooms, and communal work environment," says Collins. "Plus, Mantle’s location in Fondren is within walking distance to great local restaurants."

Mantle is excited to have Adam and MVMT Capital be a part of the Mantle family. His company’s innovation and his outgoing personality add a bright outlook to the everyday life around the office. Head over to where Adam offers access to a completely free (and confidential) portfolio check-up tool.