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Let the Twelve Days of Christmas Begin!

Christopher Lomax

12 days.jpg

A Partridge in a Pearl Tree

The Christmas season always seems to slide its way into our daily lives by early November and by the time Christmas day hits, we are exhausted with the whole production. Yet as some of us are taking down our decorations the day after Christmas, the actual 12 days of Christmas begins on the day of Christmas. Yes, that’s right: our Christmas season has just begun! December 25th, Christmas Day, ushers in 12 days of celebration, with the last day culminating on January 5th with Twelfth Night and ending only on January 6th with the feast of the Epiphany. Its a little something that we all forget with the commercialization of the season.

To give a respectful nod to the true 12 days of Christmas, we here at Mantle are counting down the outstanding features about working at Mantle., and Mantle. Suites.

Also, as we enter this wonderful time of year of family and friends and reflection, please accept our hearty thanks for all that y'all do to support Mantle.! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy 2016!

Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!

On the First Day of Christmas, Mantle. gave to me: 

1 Craft Beer Tap per Location.

On the Second Day of Christmas, Mantle. gave to me:

2 Great Locations! (Mantle. + Mantle. Suites)

On the Third Day of Christmas, Mantle. gave to me:

3 Incubating Tech Companies - Finaius, Marketect, and Padrick. 

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Mantle. gave to me:

4 Ways to sweat it out nearby with no need to go home for a shower (we have one!): Butterfly Yoga, StudiOM, Salsa Mississippi, or just a run in the surrounding wide-street neighborhoods.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Mantle. gave to me:

5 Professional Conference Rooms - Two Large, Three Small, Three at Duling (Mantle.) and Two at Fondren Corner (Mantle. Suites).

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Mantle. gave to me:

6 Ways to take a Break: Fondren Public, Apothecary, Fondren Fro-yo, La Brioche Macaroons, Campbell’s Cookies, or a show at Duling Hall.

More Coming Every Day!