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Pour Some Sugar On Out

Christopher Lomax

The Keto Doctor Launches This Week

Mantle Member and Doctropreneur John Limansky launched a new ketogenic lifestyle site on the web this past week: The Keto Doctor sets out to promote a ketogenic lifestyle to improve inner and external health. According to Dr. Limansky, most diets are a quick fix solution which create havoc on our metabolism. The Keto Diet on the other hand is designed to maximize fat loss and improve the important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome. "The side effect of our programs is weight loss," says Limansky; "weight loss which is sustainable for the long term."

The side effect of our programs is weight loss. Weight loss which is sustainable for the long term. 

So let's talk Keto. Ketogenic, better known as Keto, is not a fad diet. Instead, it is a lifestyle way of eating. Our bodies have different energy sources they can use to fuel our bodies. When we reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugars from our caloric intake our bodies produce Ketones and use them as a natural source of energy. Our brains and bodies are able to use them as a major source of energy. Where do these ketones come from? They come from our body's fat storage. And that's the key to real fat loss. By decreasing our carbohydrates and increasing healthy fat intake we switch off our body's fat storage hormones and switch on our natural fat burning mechanism. Not only will a Keto lifestyle maximize real fat loss, but it will do so without ruining our body metabolism or lead to decreased blood sugar and resulting hunger pains typical of caloric restriction diets.


The Keto Diet as offered through is different from other diets in that its nutrition plans are formulated by a board certified physician for maximum internal and external health. "I am able to analyze and explain research studies and nutrition product claims to make sure they are vetted properly." Once launched, those seeking long term and healthy weight loss can access such through the website in these different forms:

  1. Free Cleanse to jumpstart weight loss and when people are at a plateau and need to restart the weight loss program; 
  2. Longer cleanse to maximize weight loss;
  3. Meal plans (Phase 1-4) designed to continue weight loss once cleanses are complete and to start transforming how people's approach to nutrition and real healthy eating;
  4. Monthly Subscription (meals & recipes for a certain theme per month (Italian, Mediterranean, etc.), monthly newsletter discussing health & nutrition topics (Heart disease, cholesterol, sugar, fructose, etc.), a Facebook closed support group with weekly Q&A with me;
  5. A webinar series for people who really want to have a more in depth discussion of various health & nutrition topics. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Keto Diet, jump on You can also come meet the Keto Doctor in person at Mantle on June 2nd during Mantle's FFT-June celebration and the Keto Doc's Launch Party! Look for more details about the June 2nd Health Startup Celebration on Mantle's Blog and Event's Page. Sign up to receive Mantle and Mississippi startup news via our blog to your email below.