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Finance First Thursday

Christopher Lomax

 Finaius - Ai for Finance Professionals

Finaius - Ai for Finance Professionals

Two Fin-tech Inc.ubator Companies Take Center Stage

Startup Happy Hour at Mantle in October re-focuses on companies working out of Mantle's Inc.ubator. This coming up Thursday we are coining “Finance First Thursday” as we are featuring our two fin-tech incubating companies: Finaius + Marketect. We invite everyone to come join us as we have beer and pops and celebrate these home grown talents.

We especially invite all of those financial professionals in the metro-Jackson area to come join us to check out these two soon-to-be-released fin-tech products and to sign up for early access. Both Finaius and Marketect, discussed in detail below, are aimed at bringing expensive back-office products exclusively accessible by Wall Street firms to Main Street users.

Our Happy Hour Agenda for Finance First Thursday:

October 6th, 4pm-8pm

4pm: Open House at Mantle. - Ditch work early and come have a beer and network in our Living Room.

6pm: Fin-Tech Speaker - Keep your beer, learn a little too!

Directly Following: Finaius

Attendees of FFT Startup Happy Hour will have the first-look at an A.I. fin-tech company working as Mantle’s first Inc.ubator company: Finaius.

Technology powered by artificial intelligence has been a growing trend that continues to transform industries and, most importantly, improve the lives of mankind. Many predicted to see A.I. develop rapidly in areas such as medicine or general computer system markets, but it turns out that the most A.I. development is actually taking place in financial markets. Machine learning algorithms have the capability to automate research, increase efficiency, provide data analysis and overall, change the way financiers conduct work on a daily basis. Due to the competitive nature of the finance world, Wall Streets top firms are beginning to pay millions of dollars to provide their financial analysts with the best A.I. technology available today.

It is not far fetched to believe that all financial research technologies will soon be powered by Artificial intelligence, but as of now, there are many retail investors still waiting for this technology to become available for the masses. This is the problem Finaius aims to solve. The mission is to put the power of wall streets top stock market research technology, in the hands of investors everywhere. 

Finaius, a finance chat-bot powered by an artificial intelligence machine. Finaius (pronounced like “Phinnaeus”) is much like Siri, except that you ask Finaius questions specifically about stocks (and eventually about other market driven questions), for example:

Q: Finaius, what is the stock price of Apple?

F: Today’s stock price for Apple is 112.88, up 0.17 points from opening bell.

F: Can I show you any more information about Apple?

Q: Yes. Can I see the trailing twelve months of Apple’s stock?

F: [Displays Apple’s TTM chart]

F: Here is the top news about Apple today, just in case you were wondering… [Displays Several Web Links].

Q: [Clicks on a news article featuring Apple, mentioning Google].

F: Are you interested in Google too? Here is Google’s closing price: 802.65.

As you can see, these are some relatively easy search queries that do not seem all that impressive. However, if you take into account that Finaius parses the user’s natural language, determines what question is being asked, retrieves the relevant data, crunches the appropriate numbers, then finally delivers the results in natural language. Finaius also learns what follow up responses the user would likely ask for, including charts, similar companies, and even breaking or recent news.

The technology behind Finaius is nearing completion and a demonstration will be had at FFT next Thursday. Such a demonstration will still show a relatively simple product that answers simple questions. 

However, due to Finaius’ architecture, the simplicity and limitations of its power at this point is due to its lack of use. The brilliance in the design is that it learns speech and question patterns, relevant material and news to display, and finds new finance calculations to apply the more questions that it answers. Thus, after sometime, Finaius will be able to answer a question as complex as this:

Q: Finaius, what has happened to Google’s stock over the past five years in the month following Apple’s WWDC?

F: Over the past five years, Google’s stock has declined on average three points in the month following Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

As you may gather, the question here is much more complex. Finaius would have to parse the language, determine what the user is trying to ask, research Google’s stock price at a specific period of time over a range of time, crunch that data into an average, and spit out a real human sounding answer.

This sounds crazy, but Finaius is built to learn to do just this!

The long term goal of Finaius is to drive financial research through their artificial intelligence machine to cut hours of research time to seconds and to create a platform that simply and powerfully stores and organizes financial research in an affordable manner. 

Directly Following: Markitect

Markitect is a tool for investment professionals to easily build beautiful research reports for their clients.

Many investment advisors are going independent and breaking away from big banks. These newly independent advisors are leveraging technology to automate back-office functions like firm compliance and performance reporting. Advisors still spend too much time manually creating poorly formatted reports in Word and Excel. There has to be a faster and easier way to generate reports that clients actually want to read.

Markitect helps advisors to focus less on document creation and more on their core competency of building client relationships. Markitect allows advisors to easily pull from popular finance datasets in one place and customize PDF templates so that document creation is a breeze. Being able to quickly create high-value research keeps current clients happy and attracts new prospects.