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Mantle. is a city club and toolbox for entrepreneurs and city dwellers.

Whatever you need to advance your passion project - your pearl, as we call it around here - come start at the City Club and contribute to a culture that is worthy of both discussion and action.

Sometimes all your tools can't be found within the four walls of our City Clubs. So, Mantle. went out into your city and made the best restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques part of your club and put them into your wallet.

Other tools include a skills and work directory for growing a pearl on Mantle. Connect. Mantle. Groups is a great place to meet others into what you are into in your city.




Shape the Future

Christopher Lomax

Register to Vote

At Mantle our slogan is "Grow a Pearl". Growing a pearl is about taking hold of your own destiny, striking out to make a difference, being bold and responsible all at the same time. In our awesome democratic society the way to embody these ideas is to involve yourself in the process. You don't have to run for office, or spend all your time campaigning for a candidate to shape the future. It starts with the fundamental building block of our democracy: one vote.

Contrary to common belief, your vote does count.

Elections made up of millions of votes have brought this country from a rag-tag bunch of farmers and merchants to be the most powerful and innovative country in the world. Elections have processed crazy ideas such as putting man on the moon and those dreams became realities and we took large leaps for mankind. Our history has been one that has sought to foster innovation, to be our very best, to right wrongs, to strive to be an equal society where "all men (and women) are created equal" and have an equal chance to create their own destiny, as well as one for their families, friends and communities.

Every American has a different idea of how we accomplish these ideals and that is why we vote. Our process is not always perfect or always pretty, but it is hard to argue with its past successes. At Mantle, we don't care who you vote for, but we hope that you determine the issues, compare them with your own values, and cast your ballot.

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Not that you need any more excuses than the ones mentioned above, but we at Mantle believe so much in the power of voting that we have decided to up the ante. At the bottom of this post is a button that takes you to a free form to help you to register to vote. If you register to vote through our site, we will give you one free month of coworking at Mantle, a $300 value. The whole process takes about two minutes, so the only thing you have to lose is about $300 worth of coworking, networking, and coffee + beer and the chance to start being a better citizen and the director of the future you want to live. Peanuts, right?

Take a few minutes and fill the linked form and be a part of the process, take hold of your country's destiny, strike out and make a difference, be bold and responsible, and shape the future of the America. We have been some great places, we are doing awesome things, and we have unimaginable heights to reach. We can only honor our past, live in our now, and participate our future if we do the simple things first: register to vote and get out on election day (or before!) and VOTE!