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Mantle is an office and a community. A place where ideas are collaborated upon, built, and spit shined. Whether you are coworking independently in our space or as one of our incubator companies, Mantle is a fun, free flowing, technologically synced workplace that is perfect for startup companies. Come for the affordable office, stay for the invaluable community! You can also check in with the Mantle team for all types of startup help, whether its business development, legal assistance, or design inspiration. Come grow at Mantle.




Member Spotlight: MaxBit

Christopher Lomax

Digging God's Work

Over 15 years ago, God’s Way Enterprises, Inc. (GWE) was established with four focuses; Ministry, Missions, Education, and Resources. Determined to help people who need help, we partner with a nonprofit organization that works in the remote parts of the Himalayas, as well as with organizations in our local communities. In March 2015, GWE launched its main resource; a product called TheMaxBit that helps us feed, clothe, and education children in Nepal.

TheMaxBit, our patented invention, is a powered garden tool that is manufactured in West Point, Mississippi- a Made in America product we are proud of. TheMaxBit currently comes in two sizes, a 4” and a 6” for bedding plants. These two sizes come in 4 colors, green, yellow, orange, and black. A 25” Extension is also available that fits on each size. Attached to a household power drill, TheMaxBit digs a perfect hole every time! It eliminates effort and saves time. 

GWE and TheMaxBit landed at Mantle. after placing in the New Venture Challenge. They now work out of a team table and "love the community and network of entrepreneurs around everyday," according to Michelle Morton the TheMaxBit founder. "We all don't know everything, so it's nice to have such a wide range of skills just around the corner." 

We are thankful for our production team and partners which include Innovate Mississippi, Orman’s Welding and Fabrication, Inc., Powered Coating Services (PCS), and International Paper Company, all located in Mississippi, along with many friends and family members.

This summer, TheMaxBit passed the test of Walmart’s Open Call, Walmart’s ‘Shark Tank on Steroids” and is now sold on Garden centers and co-op’s that currently sell TheMaxBit include, Green Oak Florist and Garden Center, Lakeland Yard and Garden, Rankin County Co-op, Rivers Greenhouse and Garden, and Mid-South Nursery and Garden Center in Tupelo.  

TheMaxBit gives the everyday gardener, the landscaper, and people who love plants better digging and better planting, helping to maximize your hole experience. However, the whole experience allows you to help children over 8000 miles away eat better, dress better, and go to school.