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622 Duling Ave
Jackson, MS, 39216

Mantle is an office and a community. A place where ideas are collaborated upon, built, and spit shined. Whether you are coworking independently in our space or as one of our incubator companies, Mantle is a fun, free flowing, technologically synced workplace that is perfect for startup companies. Come for the affordable office, stay for the invaluable community! You can also check in with the Mantle team for all types of startup help, whether its business development, legal assistance, or design inspiration. Come grow at Mantle.


City Club Application

Oxford, Mississippi

Mantle. holds a preference to Applicants with connections to current City Club members. There are only 150 24/7 "City Club" memberships available in Oxford. "Charter" Memberships are for the first 100 "City Club" memberships and are discounted to $50/month. All Memberships are limited in number and all are month to month. Mantle. reserves the right to deny applications for any reason, though Mantle. will strive to reach gender, racial +  industry diversity to the best of its ability.

Mantle. will be launching Oxford as a Digital City in May 2018. Sign up and reserve your spot before launch and get your first three months free.

#growapearl  #oldschoolsocial


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