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a toolbox for building your life’s work at home + everywhere you need to be.

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The Perfect Growth Environment

We find inspiring spaces for you to grow your life’s work at home and abroad. Show up for the space, the offices, the desks, and the living rooms - stay for the custom coffee, the craft beer, the tech, and the people. We know what you need because we built Mantle. to service our own needs in starting the next big thing - come on and grow with us.

Mantle. City Spaces are expanding to all the places that you work and travel. Get a Global Membership and have access to spaces everywhere. Oh, and we should mention that we have negotiated for the benefits that will help you grow your life’s work.

Pricing varies by location.

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Included Perks

Lightning Fast Fiber

Complimentary + lightning fast fiber internet wired + wi-fi, plus a commercial printer.

Common Living Rooms

Our Living Rooms are designed to feel like home and 24/7 secure access works on your schedule.

Coffee, Fruit H20, Pops, Beer

No one can work without coffee or hydration, so we throw in grind-by-the-cup custom coffee, fruit-water, fruit, and we find unique craft beers to compliment your next meeting.

Tech-Enabled Conference Rooms

Upgrade your business to Mantle. where our rooms can fit meetings of all sizes. Each room is also equipped with the latest in conference tech.

City Concierge

Let our Concierge curate the best of your city, whether eats, drinks, shopping, or workouts. Reach out and let our Concierge help find the missing pieces for your business too.


for a better Network


City Club Members enjoy full access to Mantle. City Club App including unlimited 10% off discounts every month at curated local businesses. Only the best retailers, bars, restaurants, and workout studios are included in your Wallet. Your monthly savings more than make up for your minimal membership fee and pay for your access to the best networking, events, and tools that you need to grow in your City - whether professionally or socially.

Become a Partner | Digitize Your City

Come join your city. Come grow a pearl.


Mantle. City Club

Daily Discounts

Get unlimited 10% discounts every damn day.

Daily Deals

Follow along as our City Club Partners send daily offers just for City Club Members.

City Cash

Invite friends or use deals to earn City Cash which can be used with our participating partners.

Included with Spaces

Spaces members get City Club App for Free with a Spaces Membership. Digital Memberships are $10/month to save much more every month.


| Excellence, Documented

Summer + Winter Solstice | Simultaneous Global Member Party

Summer + Winter Solstice | Simultaneous Global Member Party


We are your City

get started.

You live your life at home, but the world is your playground. Mantle. connects you with the best tools and companies to help you build your business or your social network. So, whether you are trying to build a new company or just look good or jam out to the best bands, Mantle. is working for its members to provide y’all with global partnerships worthy of your passion.

At Mantle. we are building a more human internet where we are asking the question: what if the digital tools were just that - tools. What if they helped you connect, not be the final connection.

Sure, you won’t have thousands of people in your friends tab, but you will have real connections. You had beers together. Your real connections make new real connections that help you grow in real life.

Analog is back with a digital assist. Join us at Mantle. and reach out to make a new, old school connection.


The Mantle. App

Book Rooms + Spaces

No need to call, email, stop in. The room you want, when you want it.

Follow up + Chat

Don’t let a meaningful connection end when you walk away from the coffee machine. Your network is only one chat away.

City Events + Notifications

Follow the community board to catch the next big act, learn from the best, or just catch a lunch discount.