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Mantle. is growing a new kind of social and professional network - city by city. These social networks are curated and ran by City Concierges.  A Work Concierge is the starting point for eventually becoming a City Concierge.

Mantle. Work Concierge's work within Mantle. City Clubs and learn our business model and develop a growth plan for creating a new Mantle. Digital City. A Work Concierge interacts with entrepreneurs and professionals and our social network on site at our City Clubs. The Work Concierge helps maintain a exciting and pleasing atmosphere for City Club Members while learning how a City Club is managed.

We are looking for college students (or motivated other persons) looking for a summer internship and willing to work for experience and the chance at becoming one of our first City Concierges. A chance of small weekly payment and food and drink benefits exist with the Work Concierge Internships.

A City Concierge is your long term goal. So, during your time as a Work Concierge you will be learning how Mantle. digital cities are built, how to represent our City Club partners on social media and in person. A City Concierge will interact on a daily basis with the best restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout studios in their city, help craft awesome and unique speaking and music events, and help train up the next Work and City Concierges.

A City Concierge can make over $100k after building out a new and successful Mantle. City Club.


Mantle. is an equal opportunity employer who believes diversity builds a stronger network and team.



  1. Must be 21 years or older for consideration. 
  2. Must Enjoy Interacting with Strangers
  3. Must have the motivation to build something new.
  4. Must have an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind.
  5. Must have the ability to get to and work on site at Mantle. City Club.
  6. Must be a good writer and somewhat proficient in social networking.


What you Need to Apply

  • Fill out the form below
  • Send a resume to concierge@growatmantle.com


This is not a salary position to begin with but is the opportunity to join an upstart technology company based in Mississippi and control your own destiny for a potential $100k job if you succeed over the summer. 

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Please send your entire resume and writing sample to hello@growatmantle.com - Subject Line: Work Concierge Position
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