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The Mantle Team

622 Duling Ave
Jackson, MS, 39216

Mantle is an office and a community. A place where ideas are collaborated upon, built, and spit shined. Whether you are coworking independently in our space or as one of our incubator companies, Mantle is a fun, free flowing, technologically synced workplace that is perfect for startup companies. Come for the affordable office, stay for the invaluable community! You can also check in with the Mantle team for all types of startup help, whether its business development, legal assistance, or design inspiration. Come grow at Mantle.


Current Mantle. Companies

The inc.ubator

For when you have the worlds next big thing

Mantle Inc.ubator provides all that a budding idea or concept needs to flourish as a company. One year full 24/7 access to the Mantle Co.working office space comes complete with the best internet and media connections, a fully stocked conference room, office, and kitchen, collaboration with up to three different start-ups per class, access to venture capital through Pearlbend Ventures connections, and legal advice and assistance from Mantle Labs and other strategic partnerships.

Mantle offers its partner companies first class treatment for a portion of company equity per year of work at Mantle.


Mantle Founders' Program

For when you just have a bunch of scrappy

Through the Mantle Founders' Program, individuals with nothing but a load of smarts and hustle can use the last year or two years of college to start something special. We bring the ideas and give you a company to run. Don't leave school to start over. Leave school as the CEO of a funded tech company. 

So here is how it goes:

  1. Decide to get off your butt and do something with your last year(s) of college;
  2. Apply below to run a company of your own;
  3. Get placed in a mutually agreeable company that you then build from almost scratch;
  4. Get the same incubation program as outlined above;
  5. Get you investor ready and hopefully funded by the time you toss that cap high into the air.
  6. Swing by your friends' offices where they are fetching coffee and tell him about life as a CEO!