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the city club

A better Social Network 

Mantle. is curating better social networks city by city. Newbie or old school, the City Club is the place where you can connect over the things you love, digitally and in real life. Find your tribe in your city or connect with the best of your city: eats, drinks, shops and workouts, spaces, and people - or both. Join Mantle. City Club where the best restaurants, bars, retailers, and workout boutiques are part of your club and you get 10% off at partners - every day.


City Club | Digital+

Wallet | 30 x 10% Local Benefits Monthly

Global Partner Benefits

Connect | Member Chat + Directory

a la carte Access to Spaces + Conference

$20/day Spaces + $10/hr Conference

starting at $8/mo.

City Club | Digitalx

Everything from Digital+

2 Free Days in Spaces | then a la carte

a la carte Conference room access

Directory + Registration Access

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at $15/mo.


Full City Club Benefits

24/7 City Space Access (Choose One)

One Free Conference Room Hr/Mo.

Global City Spaces Access | $20/day

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at $75/mo.