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Private offices at Mantle. provide all you need in an office for one flat price - starting at $600/month. Your new City Space Offices comes with full 24/7 access to your office and all the remaining shared space. One desk per member, two chairs and unlimited access to fiber internet allow you to get to work behind door that locks. Your office comes with a two-drawer file cabinet, branding capabilities, and complementary mail service so you can make Mantle your business address and home. Hold meetings in our tech-ready conference rooms with your eight free conference room hours every month - additional hours come at a discount: $10 per hour. No one can work with out coffee or hydration, so we throw in grind-by-the-cup coffee, filtered water, and fruit to get you through the day.


All in with 18 Month Commitment: $600/month

All in with 12 Month Commitment: $650/month

Check out the suites with larger office options!

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Fiber Internet & Full Office

Start working from the first second you step into Mantle. Whether you are working in a private office, a team table, or city club, Mantle. provides complimentary and lightning fast fiber internet access, campus-wide wi-fi, a commercial printer, 24/7 secure access, and storage for when you are taking some you-time exploring your city.

Conference Rooms

It gets a little awkward holding meetings at your dining room table or sensitive discussions at the coffee shop. Upgrade your business to Mantle. where our rooms can fit meeting of all sizes. So, whether you are having a team meeting in our lounge based small room or hosting a seminar, we have the right size room for your meeting. Oh, and each room is fully equipped with the latest in conference tech.


Educational Programming

Working at Mantle. is a bit more than having an office that is not your garage. As we say at Mantle., work is just as much about community than office space. Mantle. was created to be a startup ecosystem so we provide the educational opportunities with seminars and lunches that focus on finance, development, legal and other issues startups face.

Beat Cabin Fever

The value of a network of one person is zero. That’s why working in an office is more important than most people realize. Plus, working alone is boring! Mantle. members range from solo-entrepreneurs to small-team businesses, each in the loneliest part of the business cycle: the start. Join Mantle. to not only beat the boredom, but to create a more powerful network.