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Start or refresh your digital presence

Mantle. Members + Partners Get Discounted Digital Overhaul

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Have Them at Hello.

Your website and social networking pages are your first impression with customers. Your digital footprint gives customers a feel for your carefully curated experience, it also sends invisible signals to search engines that allow customers to find you in the first place.

If you are not paying attention to these invisible signals or are working with a sub-par website, you are ensuring that your customers are going to find another business. According to Google, 82 percent of people turn to search engines to find local information and 76 percent of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day. 28 percent of those searches for something nearby result in a purchase.

Mantle. wants to share its digital design and marketing knowledge with our members and partners so they can launch and sustain the most successful business they possibly can. Also, if you are just starting a business, let us help you get set up with the digital tools to grow your company and team through digital productivity, whether you are working by yourself or with others.

If you are interested in starting your business with Mantle. or just refreshing your digital presence, connect with us and we can give you a free consultation. When we are done, not only will you have a high design digital presence with a better SEO score, but you will be able to manage your site and content marketing without us too.

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Your Digital Front Door

Having a current, design-oriented website is important not only for setting the tone for your business but also for creating great search engine optimization. Let us bring your new or existing business to your customers with today’s tools and rules.


being social

Content is Key

Social is so much more than cat photos and memes. Creating new and consistent content and connections provides customers with information about your business as well as strong invisible connections respected by search engines.


get to work


There is enough stress when starting a business, you don’t need the stress of researching and comparing tools for running your business. Let Mantle. help you get set up with tried and true services that can remove everyday headaches so you can focus on your customers rather than your team.



Members + Partners

Full Consultation


Website Only (5 Pages)

$2,000/adv. or $300/mo. (12m)

* Plus $500 for eCommerce

* $200/page or $20, additional pages

* $100/widget or add-ons - From List

* Site Tutorial Included

* 5 Hours of Launch Maintenance included

Social Only

$1,000/adv. or $200/mo. (12m)

* 2 Social Setups + 20 Content Posts

* Social Tutorial Included

Web + Social

$2,500/adv. or $350/mo. (12m)


$2,000/adv. or $300/mo. (12m)

* Team + Customer Communication

* Productivity Tutorial Included

Full Service

$4,000/adv. or $500/mo. (12m)

* Website, Social, Productivity

* Photography Included (Min. 25 Images)

* All Tutorials Included

Maintenance (10 hrs/mo. | $30/hr.)

$500/adv. or $100/mo. (6m)

$75/mo. after 6 months

* Photography, Content, Tech Assistance




Full Consultation


Website Only

$3,000/adv. or $400/mo. (12m)

Social Only

$2,000/adv. or $300/mo. (12m)

$4,200/adv. or $500/mo. (12m)

Web + Social


$2,500/adv. or $350/mo. (12m)

Full Service

$5,000/adv. or $600/mo. (12m)

$750/adv. or $150/mo. (6m)

$100/mo. after 6 months

Maintenance (10 hrs/mo. | $30/hr.)