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Mantle. standards


Standards are not rules, but they are aspirations that members should hope to live up to as members of Mantle. Failure to consistently live up to these standards can be a reason for Mantle. to ask you to leave. Standards, like the rules and terms of use, are constantly being updated so be sure to stay on top of what is expected of you as a member! Standards are for all Mantle. Members, no matter your membership level.


Standard no. 1

Members leave things as they arrived at them, if not better.


Standard No. 2

Conference rooms are for meetings, not for having a free office. Reserved rooms must be booked through the app. Members will abide by the five minute drop in window in meeting and lounge spaces. Members will immediately give way to another member that has booked any given space or table through the app.

Good Rule of Thumb: Check the meeting space on your app before you step into a room for your 5 minute drop in.


Standard No. 3

Please push in your chair because that's just good manners.


Standard No. 4

We will do your dishes, but we shouldn’t have to. Feel free to rinse your dishes and put them in the dirty dishwasher. If an empty dishwasher is not available, please feel free to at least rinse your dishes before leaving them in the sink.

Please don’t leave food in the sink.

Throw away food in kitchen or large trashcans, not the cans at your desk or in your office.


Standard No. 5

Speaking of food, the refrigerator is for parking your food during the day. Do not leave food in the fridge overnight. Food left in the fridge may get tossed. Don’t leave condiments here, grab packets not the wholesale ketchup tub.

Food or beverages left in the fridge are subject to being tossed at any given time.


Standard No. 6

Your space is your space. Decorate it how you like. But, let’s all try to stay somewhat neat!


Standard No. 7

Mantle. is a twenty-one-and-up work club. We have open beer taps for the convenience of our members. Do not bring your children to Mantle. We know there are emergencies.

Under 18 y.o. If you must bring anyone under 18 to Mantle., please reserve a lounge room or meeting room through the app and work out of that space for the entirety of the time your child is at Mantle.

18+ If you are working with a 18-21 year old, it is your responsibility to monitor that person and ensure they do not have alcohol while at Mantle.

Speaking of alcohol responsibility. You are responsible for any guest, no matter their age, if they drink any alcohol while at Mantle.


Standard No. 8.

Guys, lift the toilet seat before you go number one. Please put it back down when you are done. Thanks! The Girls.


Standard No. 9

You may close the doors to common spaces. However, if what you are doing makes it seem like other’s should not enter, you should leave a note that they can indeed come in.

If you don’t want others coming into a common space while you are in it, you should have it rented through the app.


Standard No. 10

If you feel like you are getting too good of a deal, you probably are. Reserve your rooms when you use them. When you squat in a conference room or host an event without renting the space, you are not only cheating Mantle., you are cheating your fellow members who are also paying for access to that space.