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/ˈman(t)l/ noun 

1. The part of an oyster that secretes the calcium carbonate precipitated out into an organic matrix that makes the hard protective shell and often a highly valuable asset, the pearl. 2. The focal point of the living room. 3. A place to start or grow your business as well as a place where you can contribute to a culture that is worthy of both discussion and action.



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Digital+ City Club

Mantle. Connect + Member Benefits

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a la Carte Access to City Clubs + Conference Rooms

starting at $8/mo.

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24/7 Living Room and Shared Spaces Access

Reserve Conference Rooms a la carte

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at $75/mo.

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3 Mo. Mantle. City Club Office Access

3 Mo. Business, Legal & Design Mentorship

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at Free

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Single Person Dedicated Tables

4 Hrs/Mo. Reserved Conference Rooms

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at $250/mo.

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Private Offices

Dedicated Office & Living Room Access

8 Hrs/Mo. Reserved Conference Rooms

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at $600/mo.

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Mantle. Suites

Offices for Established Businesses

8 Hrs/Mo. Reserved Conference Rooms

Coffee & Fiber Internet Included

starting at $800/mo.

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