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Mantle is an office and a community. A place where ideas are collaborated upon, built, and spit shined. Whether you are coworking independently in our space or as one of our incubator companies, Mantle is a fun, free flowing, technologically synced workplace that is perfect for startup companies. Come for the affordable office, stay for the invaluable community! You can also check in with the Mantle team for all types of startup help, whether its business development, legal assistance, or design inspiration. Come grow at Mantle.





Concierge duties.

This position is a training position and, if successful, the applicant will work with the team to open and manage its Oxford, Mississippi location.

Mantle is looking for a motivated and entrepreneurial-spirited (preferably graduate-level or above) individual to learn how Mantle. works. The concierge position requires the individual to manage Mantle's co.working space for several hours per day. The concierge will work in a collaborative way with the Mantle. team to learn the in's and out's of Mantle. management, marketing, and sales. This position is not a salaried position for a period of time, however, this position may become a salaried position if the applicant is a solid fit with the Mantle. team. The position does include for some sales benefits, however. 

Applicant's must be 21 years or older for consideration. 

The duties of this position include:

  1. Networking: Assist Member & Incubating Companies with their needs as they work in our co.working space - including odd jobs for extra cash.
  2. Management: Ensuring that guests check-in when they visit Mantle and that the Mantle space stays in tip-top order.
  3. Sales: For each new Member signed up by a concierge, that Concierge receives that Member's first month's rent.
  4. Marketing: Each Concierge is required to create one blog post per week, and manage Mantle's social media accounts when they are on the clock.

concierge benefits.

This is not a salary position. Concierges can make sales commissions for member sign-ups up per new membership. Additionally, concierges can perform tasks for members for a by the task fee. Concierges receive a free 24/7 co.working membership for use when they are not actively working as a concierge at Mantle - a $125/month value. And, of course, Concierges get to work in a close relationship with newly forming companies who will soon be hiring, among other networking opportunities.

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